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Eye-to-Eye Slings

Eye-to-Eye Slings

As a lightweight and economical alternative to chain and wire rope, Ancra eye-to-eye lifting slings are constructed with 9,800 lbs./4,445 kg. polyester sling webbing with reinforced loops and a protective wear sleeve at the bearing points. Polyester webbing stretches less than nylon and provides superior resistance to moisture. Tapered loops provide better choke hitch. With Ancra eye-to-eye lifting slings, you can be confident your load is secure....

Ancra eye-to-eye lifting slings come in both single and double-ply models to meet your specific application.

Complies with WSTDA WS-1-Type IV Wrapped Bearing Point Web Sling standards. Includes visible blue polyester marker thread and industry compliant WSTDA tri-lingual sewn warning tags with permanent placard affixed to webbing.

Sold in bulk as eaches. Each sling individually shrink-wrapped and UPC coded.

Eye-to-Eye Slings

Ancra’s reliable and flexible eye-to-eye slings are available in both single and double ply models to offer high-quality strength for whatever job you need done.



  • Please read and comply with all warnings on labels and packaging. Failure to do so may result in loss of load, serious property damage, and/or personal injury!
  • DO NOT exceed the rated capacity shown on the package and label attached to the sling.
  • For Operating Inspection Manuals for polyester Round Slings, see the Web Slings and Tie Down Associate Publication WSTDA-WS-2.
  • For Operating and Inspection Manuals for polyester Round Slings, see the Web Slings and Tie Down Association Publication WSTDA-RS-2.

For more information on how our lifting slings can help maximize your efficiency and bottom line, contact our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-626-8353 and we’ll help you find the right tool for the job.

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