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Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

Trust Ancra to deliver the very best in heavy-duty cargo securement equipment and accessories. With Ancra products, you don’t need to worry about quality, since we ensure each and every one of our products are high-quality and long-lasting, so you get the most bang for your buck. From winches and winch straps to chain, binders, and heavy-duty hardware, we have plenty of options to tackle almost any heavy-duty task and keep your cargo secure.

Heavy Duty


Winch Straps

Ancra winch strap assemblies combine heavy duty, wear and weather-resistant, latex-treated polyester webbing with strong, dependable hardware to meet the demanding conditions of flatbed operations. Our straps come with specific chain, hook, and ring hardware to meet a variety of tie-down applications, or you can order a strap without hardware.


All of Ancra’s winches come standard with a black powder coat finish, which withstands up to 250 hours of standard salt spray testing to guarantee many years of wear and tear. The smooth ground web slots prevent wear and damage, and each winch comes stamped with its working load limit and Ancra’s name to certify quality. High-strength alloy pawl pins and a seamless, solid steel mandrel ensure tough and long-lasting winches. Choose from weld-on, bolt-on, or sliding winches to meet your particular application.

Winch Bars

First Ancra raised the bar, then we bent it; the Ergo 360° Bar takes Ancra’s winch bars to the next level. The patented ergonomic design maintains parallel alignment of handle and tip, so you can rotate the bar for optimum leverage without removing it, and keep it secured in the winch cap through the mushroom tip. Tapered and angled at the end for easy operation, Ancra’s standard winch bar handles are knurled at two sections, and the mushroom tip helps keep the bar from slipping from the winch cap. They are heat-treated for extra strength and cycle-tested to simulate years of heavy use.

Chain Assemblies (Transport)

Built of high-strength carbon steel, Ancra chain is tough enough to take on a wide variety of heavy-duty jobs. Our selection of heavy-duty chain includes models for general tie-down use and logging, models made with alloy steel, heat-treated for increased strength, and finished with zinc gold plate for corrosion resistance, and models designed for lightweight performance. We give you options so you can handle nearly any securement challenge and get back on the road.

Chain Hardware

Looking for a heavy-duty solution to a heavy-duty problem? Ancra’s chain and chain hardware have you covered. Built with high-strength steel and aluminum all our chain products are made to be of the highest quality to be tough, durable, and last the long haul. Hooks, links, shackles, and more are available so you can choose the options that best suit your application. With rugged finishes to resist rust and corrosion, you can rely on Ancra chain for years to come, even in the harshest environments. For the toughest jobs with the heaviest payload, go with Ancra chain.

Chain Binders

Need a heavy-duty solution to chain tie-down challenges? Look to Ancra chain binders to make the job quicker and easier. All traditional chain load binders are constructed of drop forged steel for strength and durability and are designed for use with grade 70 transport chain. They are available in traditional lever and ratcheting models, which both feature recoilless models. Finished with an E-coat paint for protection against the elements, our chain binders can endure years of heavy use.

Cargo Bars

Ancra’s cargo bars are built strong to last for many years down the road. Made of galvanized steel tubing and high-quality aluminum, our bars help to prevent cargo from shifting and becoming damaged, saving you money on damage claims. Each bar has locking mechanisms to keep them secure in your trailer.

Logistic Straps

Ancra’s logistic straps are built on a reputation for dependability and strength, promising the quality that comes with every product that bears the Ancra name. Our logistic straps come in both cam buckle and ratchet buckle designs with a wide selection of solid and reliable end hardware for a variety of tie-down applications. Ancra webbing is made of strong polyester to endure heavy use and last for several years down the road.

Heavy-Duty Accessories

We offer a selection of heavy-duty accessories and miscellaneous items to meet a variety of applications, both heavy-duty and general utility. With all our products built to be premium quality and our dedication to providing excellent service, you can rely on our line of corner protectors and utility pads to make the job easier. We offer corner super durable corner protectors as well as our convenient EZ Winder web winder for efficiency on the job.

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