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Bungee Cords & Tarp Ties

Bungee Cords & Tarp Ties

Designed to provide a quick and easy tie down solution to a wide variety of general securement applications, Ancra provides strong and durable bungee cords and tarp ties. Our tie-downs retain their elasticity and resist harmful factors that other bungee cords and tarp ties succumb to, such as wear, abrasion, and UV light. Depending on your specific application, you can choose from standard to premium tie downs with heavy-duty end hardware and greater resistance to the elements.

Bungee Cords and Tarp Ties

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Bungee Cord and Tarp Tie Models:

  • EPDM Rubber Tarp Ties: Made in the USA and known for quality, durability, and resistance to the elements, these tarp ties offer good stretch recovery and maintain their strength over the entire life of the tarp ties. The larger cross section Goldline® Heavy Duty EPDM tarp ties are best recognized by truckers for their long-lasting quality. Our natural rubber tarp ties are best suited for colder climates and are our most economical offering. Ancra’s tarp tie offering provides you the customer with product options that can be chosen and suited to your application. Ancra offers both fleet grade/Goldline® tarp ties as well as commercial grade tarp ties.
  • EZ-Grip Bungee Cords: PVC molded-grip steel hooks on our EZ-Grip bungee cords provide better contact to the anchor point, reducing slippage and keeping the cord connected. With strong UV and abrasion resistance and stranded first-quality latex rubber, EZ-Grip bungee cords can hold up for several uses and retain their strength.
  • Heavy-Duty Bungee Cords: Heavy-duty steel hooks with corrosion-resistant coating and tip guards provide a strong, solid connection to the anchor point while the cord contains 50% more rubber than standard bungee cords to offer increased strength and resilience. As our toughest bungee cords made with stranded first-quality latex rubber, you can rely on them use after use as they greatly retain their elasticity and pulling strength to keep your cargo safe and secure.
  • Standard Bungee Cords: Ancra standard bungee cords and tarp ties are strong and fit for the task. Made with stranded first-quality latex rubber, vinyl-coated steel hooks with tip guards, and a durable resistance to UV and abrasion, our bungee cords will last the long haul time and time again.

Wear safety glasses and use caution when using tarp ties.


Not sure what you need, or looking for a specific product? Contact our Ancra Customer Service Department today at 800-626-8353 and we’ll help you find the right tool for the job.

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