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Specialty Assemblies

Specialty Chain Assemblies

We offer high-quality specialty chain assemblies, like farm and agriculture chain, our heavy-duty XHD chain, and grade 80 and 100 chain assemblies. Ancra provides grade 70 agricultural safety chain specifically designed to prevent the separation of a towed vehicle or ... farm equipment trailer from the towing vehicle. Grade 70 chain is designed and developed to be high-strength as it’s made of strong carbon steel and finished with a zinc gold plate to prevent rust and corrosion. Ancra agricultural safety chain conforms to the specifications of the ASABE as a safety chain for towed field equipment for agriculture. Meanwhile, our XHD chain assembly features 19% more material in the neck for added strength and support when taking on heavy-duty cargo. The grade 80 chain hook features lightweight performance alloy chain with a large 15" J-hook and G80 clevis hook, making it great for securing large equipment. Our grade 100 chain assembly comes with a rugged black lacquer finish and blue powder-coated grab hooks, meaning it can stand up more easily to consistent, rough use for years.

NOTE: Transport chain is not intended for overhead lifting.

Specialty Assemblies

With Ancra's specialty cargo control chain assemblies, you have a variety of options when faced with unique and challenging tie-down jobs.


Specialty Assembly Models:

  • Grade 70, 3/8" x 69" Agricultural Safety Chain: WLL: 6,600 lbs./2,996 kg.
  • Grade 70, 5/16" x 67.5" Agricultural Safety Chain: WLL: 4,700 lbs./2,133 kg.
  • 10’ XHD 3/8" Chain Assembly: Ancra’s XHD chain assembly is lighter but stronger than our traditional transport chains. The grade 70 chain adds lightweight performance while our heavy-duty, strong grade 80 clevis hooks carry the load. Every part of the XHD chain assembly is heat-treated and 100% proof tested to twice the working load limit. With their impressive strength and longevity, you can be confident in Ancra’s chain assemblies.
  • Grade 80, 3/8" x 10’ Chain Assembly w/ Grade 80 J-Hook, Bulk: Higher strength grade 80 alloy steel chain with grade 80 J-grab hook. Commonly used to recover vehicles and pull on to flatbed tow trucks. Individually packaged for resale in a heavy polybag with UPC label. Sold as eaches in cartons of 2.
  • Grade 100, 3/8" x 10’ Chain Assembly w/ Clevis Hooks: Ancra’s G100 chain assembly helps to easily secure oversize equipment or cargo. Made from heat-treated high carbon alloy steel with blue powder coated clevis grab hooks on both ends. 10-ft. assembly length. Rugged black lacquer finish. 100% proof-tested to 2X the working load limit. Stamped aluminum working load limit tag. G100 chain assembly has 33% higher working load limit than equivalent G70 chain. Individually UPC coded and packed in heavy duty cardboard box.

All Ancra transport chain is made to NACM standards per specifications of the Department of Transportation & CCMTA for tie-down use with properly marked links.

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