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Slings & Recovery Straps

Slings & Recovery Straps

When you need heavy-duty solutions, Ancra stands ready to help. Our full line of slings and recovery straps gives you the strength options you need to tackle almost any lifting and vehicle recovery application. Our lifting slings come in eye-to-eye or endless round configurations in a variety of sizes and lifting capacities, while our vehicle recovery straps are built tough to handle a wide range of vehicle sizes.

Slings & Recovery Straps

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Lifting Slings

Trust Ancra’s slings for your lifting and rigging. Our durable polyester round slings and eye-to-eye web slings come in a full range of lengths and widths for your application. Ancra’s line of durable polyester round slings and polyester twisted eye-to-eye slings are built for strength and durability. Ancra slings can be used for lifting a variety of materials and cargo from lumber to crate. Flexible and resistant to abrasion, our lifting straps are tough enough to last through several uses for years to come. Our slings come in three configurations: choker, vertical, and basket.


  • Please read and comply with all warnings on labels and packaging. Failure to do so may result in loss of load, serious property damage, and/or personal injury!
  • DO NOT exceed the rated capacity shown on the package and label attached to the sling.
  • For Operating Inspection Manuals for polyester Round Slings, see the Web Slings and Tie Down Associate Publication WSTDA-WS-2.
  • For Operating and Inspection Manuals for polyester Round Slings, see the Web Slings and Tie Down Association Publication WSTDA-RS-2.

Recovery Straps

If you’re in need of a heavy-duty solution to moving vehicles out of tough spots, look to Ancra recovery straps and ropes to help get the job done. Our straps are made of heavy-duty polyester and are built to be resistant to abrasion, UV, chemicals, and mildew, so you can trust our straps to last after years of use, while our ropes are made tough from durable, braided polypropylene and come with strong, steel safety hooks for general purpose recovery and utility. Able to be stored easily with sewn-in storage bands and made strong to last long, Ancra recovery straps and ropes are ready for the task.

WARNING: Extreme CAUTION should be taken when using any recovery strap. Place a blanket or soft material at the center of the strap to lessen potential snap back should webbing break. Stand clear of rebound path. Attach only to solid anchor points capable of carrying the load that won’t detach from either vehicle such as the axle, tow hook or clevis hitch. Never attach to a tow ball. Place stuck vehicle in neutral and begin with a rocking motion to break suction around tires before attempting to pull vehicle free.

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