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1″ x 10′ 1-Ply Flat Loop Eye-to-Eye Lifting Sling

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  • 1” x 10’ polyester sling webbing with reinforced loops and protective wear sleeve
  • Polyester material for less stretch and improved moisture resistance
  • Standard capacities: Vertical: 1,600 lbs; Choker: 1,250 lbs; Basket: 3,200 lbs

1-Inch by 10-Foot Single-Ply Flat Loop Eye-to-Eye Lifting Sling

Featuring reinforced loops and tough polyester, the 1-in. x 10-ft. 1-ply flat loop eye-to-eye lifting sling combines high strength with a lightweight build, making the lifting sling an economical alternative to chain or wire rope. Reinforced loops add durability and reliability to the quality build, and the polyester material provides heavy-duty strength with less stretch than nylon and greater resistance to moisture, so you can be confident using the lifting sling in harsh conditions. A protective wear sleeve reduces wear and damage that can accumulate with consistent use, improving the sling’s longevity. With a flat loop design, the lifting sling can be easily secured to cargo.

The 1-in. x 10-ft. single-ply lifting sling complies with WSTDA WS-1-Type III CL7 Web Sling standards and includes a visible blue polyester marker thread and industry compliant WSTDA tri-lingual sewn warning tags with a permanent placard affixed to webbing. The lifting sling has the following standard capacities for the three sling variants: Vertical: 1,600 lbs; Choker: 1,250 lbs; Basket: 3,200 lbs.

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