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4″ x 20′ 2-Ply Tapered Loop Eye-to-Eye Lifting Sling

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  • 4” x 20’ polyester sling webbing with reinforced loops and protective wear sleeve
  • Double-ply design for superior strength
  • Polyester material for less stretch and improved moisture resistance
  • Standard capacities: Vertical: 11,000 lbs; Choker: 8,800 lbs; Basket: 22,000 lbs

4-Inch by 20-Foot Double-Ply Tapered Loop Eye-to-Eye Lifting Sling

Designed for improved strength, the 4-in. x 20-ft. 2-ply tapered loop eye-to-eye lifting sling can be used to make strong choke hitches to safely secure cargo. The tapered loops with the eye-to-eye design improves the choke hitch while the double-ply polyester build provides superior strength, minimal stretch, and greater resistance to moisture. The loops have been reinforced at the bearing points to reduce wear and extend the life of the lifting sling, while a protective wear sleeve increases durability by reducing damage that can accumulate with consistent use. These qualities add up to make the double-ply lifting sling a strong yet lightweight alternative to chain or wire rope.

The 4-in. x 20-ft. double-ply lifting sling complies with WSTDA WS-1-Type IV Wrapped Bearing Point Web Sling standards and includes a visible blue polyester marker thread and industry compliant WSTDA tri-lingual sewn warning tags with a permanent placard affixed to webbing. The lifting sling has the following standard capacities for the three sling variants: Vertical: 11,000 lbs; Choker: 8,800 lbs; Basket: 22,000 lbs.

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