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Lifting Slings

Lifting Slings

Trust Ancra’s slings for your lifting and rigging. Our durable polyester round slings and eye-to-eye web slings come in a full range of lengths and widths for your application. Ancra’s line of durable polyester round slings and polyester twisted eye-to-eye slings are built for strength and durability. Ancra slings can be used for lifting a variety of materials and cargo from lumber to crate. Flexible and resistant to abrasion, our lifting straps are tough enough to last through several uses for years to come. Our slings come in three configurations: choker, vertical, and basket.

Lifting Slings


Endless Round Slings

Our round sling lifting straps are built to be tough and durable and can be used confidently time and time again for moving heavy cargo on and off of truck trailers or other platforms. Round slings are color-coded by width from 1-in. to 7-in.

Eye-to-Eye Slings

Made lightweight and economical, our eye-to-eye web slings have reinforced eyes for greater strength and are available in 1-in., 2-in., 3-in., and 4-in. web widths in single-ply and double-ply models to meet your specific application.

All Ancra lifting slings, both eye-to-eye and round sling styles, are built to the Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA) standards which cover construction, ratings, and markings. The standard rating for a sling is based on a straight-line pull, or vertical pull, as the WSTDA denes it. This number begins to skew as the rigging style and angle of pull changes. An instruction sheet is included with each sling and the user is responsible for making these calculations.

When the sling is looped through itself to cinch down on the lifted piece, known as a choker-style lift, the lifting capacity is de-rated roughly 20% compared to the vertical rating. This is due to the stress points caused by the sling pinching on itself.

If the lift is being done basket style, utilizing two lifting points, the effective lifting capacity is doubled compared to the vertical rating. Each point can support its original vertical rated capacity. Per WSTDA requirements, all Ancra lifting slings have these three types of lifts and ratings on their sewn-in tag.


  • Please read and comply with all warnings on labels and packaging. Failure to do so may result in loss of load, serious property damage, and/or personal injury!
  • DO NOT exceed the rated capacity shown on the package and label attached to the sling.
  • For Operating Inspection Manuals for polyester Round Slings, see the Web Slings and Tie Down Associate Publication WSTDA-WS-2.
  • For Operating and Inspection Manuals for polyester Round Slings, see the Web Slings and Tie Down Association Publication WSTDA-RS-2.

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