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EPDM 31" Top Premium Brand Tarp Tie

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  • 31” of 100% molded EPDM rubber with standard cross section 
  • Zinc-coated steel hooks 
  • High ozone resistance, UV resistance, strength, and durability in cold and warm climates

EPDM 31-Inch Tarp Tie

Recognized in the industry for high quality, Ancra's 31-in. EPDM tarp tie features improved resistances and durability that lasts years. The  tarp ties are made with 100% EPDM rubber, which offers high resistance against ozone and UV, meaning they’ll last longer when exposed to the elements on a daily basis. With excellent stretch recovery, you can be confident using the tarp ties regardless of the conditions.
A set of 2 tough steel hooks provide strength for securing the tarp tie to anchor points, and they are finished with a zinc-coat to resist rust and corrosion and ensure long-lasting performance you can depend on. The  tarp ties are sold in boxes of 50.

Not to be used to restrain or secure cargo. Wear safety glasses and use cation when using tarp ties.

WARNING: Sudden rupture or disconnect while in stretched position can cause serious injury.

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