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Nets & Blankets

Nets & Blankets

We offer a selection of cargo nets and utility blankets to meet a variety of applications, both heavy-duty and general utility. If you’re looking for cargo control, or a simple padded solution to general tasks, trust Ancra to provide products that can help. With all our products built to be premium quality and our dedication to providing excellent service, you can rely on our line of nets and utility pads to make the job easier.

Nets & Blankets


Moving/Utility Pads

Looking for a multi-purpose pad for general labor and leisure applications? Ancra’s utility pads have you covered. Made of a heavy-duty, colorfast poly/cotton blend with continuous quilted stitching for added durability, our utility pads can last several uses for years to come. With a one-piece, UV-treated and metal-filtered filler and a machine-washable make, our pads are convenient, versatile, and tough. Ancra utility pads can serve a wide variety of purposes; from moving and storage to garage floors, camping, the beach, hunting, vehicle protection, and more, you can rely on our pads time and time again.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT use for bedding.

Cargo Van Nets

Our cargo van nets have everything you need to prevent shifting or falling cargo in your work van. Designed for use in light-duty and recreational enclosed trailers to retain cargo, separate loads, and prevent cargo from falling when doors are opened, our cargo van nets’ adjustable width fits most standard and smaller trailers. Made with strong webbing and featuring spring lever E-clips and sturdy, quick-release cam buckles, our cargo van nets will keep your load secure for the entire length of the trip and last for years down the road. We offer a choice of net size to meet your specific application.

Our nets require the installation of standard horizontal E-Track for maximum flexibility along the length of the trailer.

Openings on sides of the net will vary from interior net openings based on your specific trailer width, and the actual working load capacity of the net is dependent upon track installation. (Please reference TIMA RP No. 47-99 or hire a professional installer.)

Pickup Truck Nets

Intended for securement of cargo being transported in the cargo bed of a standard pickup truck, our pickup truck cargo nets are made of heavy-duty webbing to keep your cargo from shifting or falling for the entire length of your trip. Tough D-rings and connectors are spaced to accommodate various heights of loads for your convenience. Each net comes with six 1-1/4-in. x 5-ft. long straps with a durable die cast cam buckle. Each strap has vinyl coated S-hooks with wire keepers to prevent them from disengaging, so you can be confident using the net every time. Choose between short or long nets for your truck bed size.

To secure our pickup truck nets, simply place the net over the cargo and secure it at the four corners of the net using the quick straps with the safety hooks provided, then secure the side rings with two additional straps.

Proper use will insure compliance with FMCSA and Canada’s National Safety Code Standard 10 against loss of cargo.

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