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18” Red Soft Hook Tie-Down Extension, 2 Pack

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  • 400 lbs working load limit
  • Protects paint and chrome attachment surfaces
  • 3,800 lbs tensile strength nylon webbing
  • Eliminates metal to metal contact

18-Inch Red Soft Hook Tie-Down Extension

Ancra’s 18-in. red soft hook tie-down extension can help protect your outdoor vehicle’s paint and chrome surfaces by eliminating metal to metal contact. Instead of attaching the hook directly to the vehicle, you insert the end fitting through the sewn-in loop, all while continuing to establish a strong and reliable connection that keeps the vehicle secured and immobile throughout transit.

To use this extension, you need to choke the high-tensile strength nylon webbing around the vehicle’s handlebars, rear seat rails, or frame members. Insert the one loop end into the other and pull the inserted loop tight. Finally, insert the tie-down’s hook into the sewn-in loop. Complete the tie-down job, and your vehicle will remain secured on the back of your trailer until it’s time to unload it.

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